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We are here to help artists succeed online. So we devised a special package available only to students of established art schools. This plan is free for ever, not just while you study. It has much more capacity and nearly all features of the Artspring Studio Edition.

If you are an art student please send a link to this page to your art school administration. They can apply for a this package for all students.

Please note we do not give out access to individual students. Only to art schools who in turn invite their students.

10 Collections
500 Artworks
750MB of Space
Art Inventory
Art Asset Management
Art Portfolio Website
Mailing List Signups
Google Analytics Dashboard
Control Fonts / Colours / Logo
CSS Overrides
Full Code Access
Location & Provenance
Advanced Search
Private Views
Sales Records
Email Newsletter System [in development]
(300 Emails / month)
Contact Database
Collector Registration [in development]
CRM-Notes System
Advanced Mailing Lists

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