Art Inventory Database


Your Art Inventory Archive

Each body of work starts small and grows over time. At some point keeping track of locations, price history and digital files for each artwork becomes difficult. Artspring makes art inventory simple.

Your art inventory database integrates with your art portfolio website and art marketing & art business management tools, ensuring a seamless platform for managing your art studio.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Comprehensive features
  • Daily backups / 30 day retention
  • SSL Encrypted Admin
Art inventory overview
Artwork record details
Artwork Record

Artwork records contain the following fields: Artist Name (you), Secondary Artist, Title, Artist Reference, Year (from to range), Series, Standard Dimensions, Non-standard Dimensions, Medium Type, Medium Description, Artwork Description, Default Image, Editions (yes/no), Total Number of Editions. Fields are not mandatory, use only what you require.

Art inventory control down to the edition level
Editions & Stock & Sales Record

Each edition record consists of Edition Number, Type (ie.AP), Stock Number, Stock Status, Insurance Status, Production Cost, List Price, Notes (private), Price History, Dimensions. Once a work is flagged as ‘Sold’ a sales record can be filled with Invoice Number, Sold Price, Sold Date, Notes (private), Sold To (links to contact record).

Artwork assets management screen
Artwork Assets

Artworks can have multiple display images, videos and linked files. Store press releases, insurance documents and high resolution print files. You can display and link any asset on your website, within an email or make it available via a private view. Perfect for sending those high resolution files to printers for example.

Bulk search artworks
Advanced Search & Filter & Bulk Actions

Search any combination of artwork record fields or use the quick filter to find a work by name as you type. Search results can be selected for bulk edit, delete or export as csv file. Bulk Add makes creating new artwork records very fast.

Record location details for artworks.
Location Tracking & Provenance

Track consignments, loans, exhibitions and any other location data for an artwork. Tick as provenance and the record will display on your website. Search for works at current or past locations.

Artwork Collections

Display collections on your website or share with select people as a private view. Collections can be categorised to help group them together. Add catalog numbers and print exhibition sheets & back labels.

Database Integrity

Each Artspring account has it’s very own database ensuring speed and data integrity.

Daily Backups

Deleted images & files are retained for 30 days and your database is backed up daily and also retained for 30 days.

Cloud Hosted

Artspring is a fully scalable cloud application ensuring fast performance at any time.

SSL Encryption

Artspring is protected by secure socket layer encryption. The same security standard banks use.